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Shipping settings

In this tab you will be able to set the shipping cost configurations and the delivery times for the products that will be synchronized with your account on the Marketplace.
It is mandatory to set a Default shipping delay in order to unlock the Sync tab. This value can be overridden by setting a dedicated delay in the Category, Manufacturer or Supplier tab. Set the corresponding value in the "Get shipping delay from" menu to read data from that tab.

The module offers the possibility to configure different Shipping ranges corresponding to the different carriers offered on the marketplace. Shipping range can be taken into account based on price or weight.
Set the cost for each range you are planning to use, using the from/to text area to limit the range validity.

IMPORTANT If a product price/weight is out of all the ranges set, your offer won't be accepted by the marketplace. Unless you have a valid reason to limit the upper price, set a very high value (i.e. 10000) to avoid this problem.
IMPORTANT Products that cost more than 29€ must have at least one shipping with tracking code. Be sure to setup at least one carrier that match this request.

Once the configuration is complete, clicking on "Save" the module will update all the data.