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Markup settings

In this tab it will be possible to decide what kind of markup will be applied to the products compared to the sale price on your website.

Default price markup: if no other markup is defined, the system will apply to every product the markup specified here. The markup will be  applied as a percentage if the symbol % is added after the value (i.e. 4%) or as a whole number in case only a number is provided (i.e. 4);
Get price markups from: this configuration, based on a checkbox, allows to decide whether to apply a Category markup (that has to be configured in the categories tab), a manufacturer markup (that has to be configured in the manufacturers tab) or a supplier markup (that has to be configured in the suppliers tab). If a multiple choice is performed, the system will apply markups one after the other (i.e. category + supplier = 4% + 4%). Should a product not fall within these choices, the module will apply the default markup.

At the end of the operation, click on "Save" to update the data.