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cdiscount ORDERS 

This section will allow you to import marketplace orders for synchronized products and check for incomplete orders and relevant errors.

You can choose to download orders manually (via a lookup procedure and a subsequent selective retrieval) or automatically (by setting a cronjob on your server). 
In the latter case, all compliant and completed orders will be automatically retrieved and created in your Prestashop.

Orders settings
In order to let the module work properly it is required to perform some configurations that will allow incoming orders to be imported:
- Download orders in the last N days: set how many days back the module will perform orders lookup.
- Download orders of products that don't have enough quantity (suggested, so to avoid the risk of ignoring orders and not being able to handle them).
- Carrier mapping for incoming orders
- Order status for orders imported from the marketplace
- Order status that will be considered as "Shipped" on your website: once the order will reach this status, it will be marked as shipped on the marketplace too.

Once the configuration is complete, clicking on "Save" the module will update all the data.

Orders lookup
The module offers the possibility to manually start a procedure to show the order list , choosing between orders to be accepted and orders to the imported (that you can select and import one by one or in batches), and the possibility to setup a cronjob on your server to automatically perform this operations. In this case all the valid orders will the automatically downloaded and imported.
This marketplace expects each order to follow this procedure:
- order acceptance
- order import
A new customer will be created and product quantity lowered only during the import process, not during the acceptance one.

Orders import
All the operations mentioned before can be automated by setting a CRON in your server task.
Each operation will require a different CRON to be setup. In the module summary the following informations will be reported:
- Last import date
- Imported orders
- Not imported orders