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Problems and solutions

Field not supported

Some templates lack some of the files that the module tries to modify. If one of them is listed as Not supported (especially on PS 1.7) it is normal and no further action is required.

Error while adding new fields

Because of the high variety of templates available, the module is not always able to automatically add the additional fields. In that case you will have to perform the Manual update procedure.


If your website is using cache, you might need to empty it. You can perform this operation by going to Advanced parameters -> Performance and disable Smart cache for Javascript. Save, then load again the order or address page on your website, in front office. If the fields are now visibile you can now enable the option again.
If this is not enough you might have to delete the whole website cache by clicking on the rubber icon at the top of the Performance page.

PS 1.7 - Invoicing data are missing after modifying an addres in the order summary

Prestashop 1.7 presents a bug (recognized by the developers themselves) that causes an address to be duplicated if you click on Modify in the order summary. The website will add a new address instead of modifying the previous one. Because of this you will have to recover the invoicing informations from the previous address. If you need to modify the address we suggest to do it directly in the Addresses area of your backoffice, instead of in the order summary.
This problem is not present on Prestashop 1.6, where the Modify button works as expected.